Natalie + Scott

Little story:

This year has been quite adventuresome with destination weddings, our wedding coming soon and my sister’s wedding coming soon as well. You would think that the rest of the events’ close to home would be smooth! Not a chance. Here is a list:

7/12: I am stung by a bee while shooting the end of a ceremony on the beach in Santa Monica. The bee flew up my pants and stung me between my butt and my thigh. The last time I was stung by a bee was 22 years ago. I was 10 and it did not go well. This time was no different. Picture my pants down around my ankles (in public) while the groom (a premed student) proceeds to pull the stinger out. Just about that time they send someone to get me medicine.

7/19: Josh falls down a hill launching his camera and 85, 1.2 (ahhhhh) into the air. Camera repair: Shutter falls out, foam falls out… $512.00 later.

7/19: I set my 100mm lens down in my bag during a ceremony lined up perfectly with the sun. Yep my bag caught on fire. This is for real. It burned a hole in my flash case. I did not believe it either until my assistant showed it to me!

8/23: I am shooting a reception and make a brave attempt to enter a very busy high-powered dance floor. I am 5’2”. A very inebriated woman proceeds to slam her 4” high heel through my closed toe shoe breaking the entire top of my foot. Two toes broken and lots of blood.

The reason for this story is that Natalie and Scott’s day was perfect. Which is the way it had to be because I was still suffering and waddling from my bee sting when I photographed their engagement session. They were so good to me!

Natalie and her mom planned an amazing event, which was coordinated by Kaye from Trinity Affair. The flowers were created by the most talented guy I know Nico, from Nico Designs. My 2nd Alexa and I were so amazed by the fog at sunset and the soft light that filters in on Elings Park. It is simply stunning. Thanks to Natalie and Scott for your humor the entire day! We had the best time. Congrats!

Also a quick thank to my friend and amazing photographer Susan Dean for sending me this amazing couple!


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