Poachers Beware

Just a quick FYI. If you are a photographer “poaching” images for your own website from a wedding you were not hired to photograph, I will expose you. This woman was shooting behind me on Alisa + Jon’s amazing Terranea wedding. I did stop once or twice to wonder if she was a guest and assuming no one would ever do such a thing, I assured myself she was allowed to be there. After the ceremony Josh followed all of the guests’ to the reception and she took off like the bandit that she was. She was not a guest! So if anyone ever finds these images ever being used by someone other than Mi Belle on any blog or website send them to me and I will send you a $25.00 gift card to Amazon. Done. Thanks!

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AmyPunky Photography - Oh I had no idea people could do this!!! Scary!

Alexa - Wow, that’s so lame!! I hope that someone helps you find her but even if not, there’s no way her images are close to as good as yours :)

Blake - hahaha, I love your cold steel delivery. I hope she reads this post and trembles in her bandit/poacher boots!

Gloria Mesa - WOW!!! Sorry that I happen to your guys.

I do love the way she dresses, great way to be unnoticed.



Lane Dittoe - wow! you’re way too nice, i would have got her out of there guest or no guest, who cares she’s in your shots. thanks and will keep a look out, that’s way too weird.

maureen - that is sad. I am sorry you had to deal with this woman…where are her manners?

Angela Keith - Unbelievable! And in such a bright top too!

Erin (penny. LA) - Oh NO! I had a poacher at my wedding! I don’t believe it was outside, but while our photographer was shooting me and my girls I saw a girl down the hall snap a few pictures. I didn’t think much of it… in fact, I was kind of happy about it! But I didn’t think it was a bad thing at any point. Oops. :(

DJ Todd - oh my god…Iove it!!

Leanne - WOW – that woman has some balls!!!

jessica lewis - that is so not ok, and it is so great that you posted the pics of her hope she sees them, she is actually creating a distraction in your images by being directly in your line of focus – its rude to you and to your client, truly inconsiderate not to mention totally desperate…

Jake Chapman - HAHA! that is so awesome! lol
peoples nerve.

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